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Project Description
This script allows you to easily move SharePoint 2010 sites between environments. The script is GUI driven and doesn't require any alterations - just run, and move - simple! It even works with publishing sites!

The script is provided as-is and is intended to be used to help organisations and individuals with the often time consuming task of moving sites between SharePoint environments without having to spend lots of money on third party tools.

This tool is designed to be used for:

Moving Sites between Test and Live environments
Moving sites between site collections
Moving sites within Site Collections
Moving Sites between Web applications
Change the URL of a site location by moving it

Before using the script you must ensure that you are a farm administrator on SharePoint 2010 farm and ensure the script is ran on the Central Admin/Indexing server. The account you use must be able to see both environments and have administrative rights in both - this is especially significant when moving sites between SharePoint installs in different domains.

How the Script works – What it actually does…

The script starts by creating a directory on the C: drive called c:\SundownSolutions. It then takes the URL supplied for export (http://webapp/SitetoExport/) and runs the Export-SPWeb command and saves the subsequent file to c:\SundownSolutions\SiteName+Date.cmp (It may take some time for the file to export depending on the size of the site)

At this point you have to manually select the base template that was used to create the site for export – the script will open a browser page displaying a list of all the template codes and names for your reference.***

The script creates a new site using the site URL based on the details provided in the dialog box. It then imports the exported site from c:\SundownSolutions\SiteName+Date.cmp which goes over the newly created site settings.
The script then deletes the .cmp file but leaves the SundownSolutions folder in place so that you can review the log files

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